About Us

Life is too short, the world is a stunning and beautiful place but….too vast to see it all. There are so many cool places to visit, exciting activities to do and breathtaking landscapes to discover, it is almost impossible to comprehend.

Besides, finding the right tours nowadays requires a lot of time consuming ‘home work’. Where to start looking online? How to select out of all those search results? How to compare tours? And how sure can you be that the operator and the information provided is reliable? Time and money are scarce. Can you afford it to make a choice you regret afterwards?

It is for these reasons that my team and I, Markus Wamsteeker, decided to help you adventure travelers find your way to your perfect adventures. After many years of experience in group and tailor-made travel business we and our extensive network of local partners decided to offer you a solution: the biggest online platform for international group adventures. All tours are easy to find, compare and….directly bookable!

And we are passionate about it. Adventure runs through our veins and that of all of our partners. As a kid I started hiking in the Alps to reach an advanced level of mountaineering in later years. On top of that came many memorable experiences with erupting volcanoes, tropical forests and barren, challenging landscapes. Amongst my personal favorites are the inlands of Iceland, the Corcovado tropical forest of Costa Rica, the rocks and skies of the Torres del Paine, the diversity of Hawaii and the abundant wild life of Tanzania.

It is a privilege now to be able to share all these (and more) experiences with you. Our growing network of partners allows you to find the tours that suit you best. To help you complete your bucket list. To never miss your perfect adventure.

Since we appreciate your commitment to adventure travel, please do not hesitate to share your travel wishes and dreams with me and my team.  Let us enable you having the time of your life.

Welcome to the world of GOMAGMA Worldwide Adventures.

Markus Wamsteeker

Tailor-make individual travel requests will be addressed by our international travel partner www.kimkim.com (please click and post your request there!)